FAQ For Influencers

How can i create an account as an Influencer on noCabins?

To create an account on noCabins as an Influencer go to https://auth.nocabins.com or Signup button on the top or home page. Then you can Signup via your social accounts or through Emil address.

How to complete my profile on noCabins as an Influencer?

After Signup to your account just upload your stunning profile image and add your Social channels, that't it.

Is there a platform fee on noCabins for Influencers?

noCabins charges the influencer a commission on successfully posted Offers, which automatically deducted from the payment made by the buyer. Commission rates vary from 10% to 20% of the accepted offer fee.

Is there a platform fee on noCabins for Influencers?

There are two ways to connect with brands on the marketplace.

1. You can explore Campaigns through noCabins and once you find an Campaign that interests you, you can simply click the “Make an Offer” button to get started.

2. The other ways to get connected with brands is when a brand finds you when searching for influencers in their dashboard, and invites you to collaborate.

How can i withdraw money earned on noCabins?

You can withdraw money to your Bank Acoount or UPI by creating a withdrawal request.