noCabins is a company with a sharp interest in decentralisation of the jobs in india, as of now people have to come to urban cities to find the job, which results higher population in the metro cities & price hikes for everythings.

We are planning to provide job & office infra for every individual at his hometown so he can work freely & happily.

This is what we feel for people who migrate from their hometown.

Live in dehradun work in newdelhi

Study suggested people staying with family with no tension to buying a house in another city could be more productive & highly motivated to suggest new ideas. nocabins feel the same & started with the approach above.

What are the benefits for Startups

  1. Save lot of cost. For example if you hire a person & migrate him from new delhi to Bangalore, you need to pay migration amount & he will take time to get productive. so everything will cost you more in comparison to a local person.
  2. Startup can start with no offices.
  3. Employee staying at hometown will be more productive.
  4. Lesser office costs if you hire people from small towns & live and work them from there.
  5. You can focus of product & market only as your office is somewhere in another town.

What are benefit for jobseeker

  1. If you are experienced, then there is no manager whose job is to watch you.
  2. No need to resettle in another city or town perhaps you don’t want to leave your city.
  3. Stay in any town & earn like metro cities. ( you can live in Dehradun but can have salary of NewDelhi )
  4. No office politics, no onsite bluff, nothing, there is very lesser tensions to live in your hometown.

so if you like the article & agree with my vision you can signup to the but if you feel there is something which could be wrong, feel free to write to me or comment below.